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25 January 2009 @ 06:06 pm
Talk about a clean break.... mmm I want a kit kat....  
Ok, good news time... had the talk with Jared... over AIM. But I was planning on going over there to chat in person, I swear! He aimed me before I got the chance. And it went very well! :-) I think we are even going to karaoke tonight. Seriously, we couldn't have been more on the same page. I'm really glad that he is still gonna want to be friends and hang out.

Black and white rave last night was pretty stellar. It was kinda small, but the DJs were spinning some killer beats. We got there and I danced for an hour and half straight before going for water and visiting the bathroom. I got some really great pictures of all of us dancing, and some really funny "Don't bother me, I'm dancing" faces from Alex. Blake was looking extra fine last night, too. We all were, really.

Time to do laundry! And maybe go to Blockbuster to get a new movie. :-P
I'm feeling...: bouncybouncy