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01 December 2002 @ 12:47 pm
Yesterday was good. Jared came by in the morning and we finished watching Metropolis and hung out. Then I took a shower and right when I got out, my dad showed up.... a couple weeks ago, he had asked me to buy a flower or something for my mom as a get well thing and he'd pay me back, but I completely forgot..... so, since I was driving Jared to work, he came with and we went to Safeway and he got my mom some flowers. And then I called Stacy and asked if she wanted to come with me and Rebecca into Portland....

So Stacy came and we left in my car to go pick up Rebecca at the Freddies on Grand, but right before we left, Jared had called asking me if I would run by Stephanie's and get the keys for the dollar store..... So after picking up Rebecca and getting gas, we went to Stephanie's and I got the keys and then drove to the dollar store to give them to Jared. Then we went to Portland....

I got on 14, completely not thinking of which way I needed to go. I wanted to go over the 205 but ended up going over the I-5 and then over to 84 to get downtown. It was already starting to get dark by the time we reached our destination (we left at 2:30...). Went and got Jared's present and then went to the Roxy and had some food. It was sooo empty in the Roxy cause every one was out Christmas shopping.... I miss going there. I need to make going there a monthly or at the very least a bi-monthly thing.... Then on the way back to the car, Stacy wanted to go into Djangos so we went in. I like that place. All the times I had passed by it I should have gone in to check it out.... I found Robbie Williams "The Ego Has Landed" for 2.99 and Peter Searcy "Could You Please and Thank You" for a dollar.... then we went to the car and left.

So yesterday was a busy day with lots of driving. And at the gas station, it wouldn't take my debit card so stacy used hers and I wrote her a check. Oh, and I spent the night at Stacy's and we played Monopoly and I totally kicked her ass. I must have landed on free parking at least 10 times.... then we went to church this morning and she wanted to go to Starbucks (I don't normally go there.....) and I got an Eggnog Latte and it was super yummy. Now I am eating a giant piece of pumpkin pie.... Good times!

I work today from 3-10.... I'm not really looking forward to a 7 hour shift but oh well..... blah..... And I don't get to see Jared today :-( but I should see him tomorrow :-)

Ok goodbye then......

I'm feeling...: chipperchipper
I'm rocking out to...: Peter Searcy "Losing light fast"