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22 December 2002 @ 01:13 am
I haven't updated much lately I know.....  
soooo tired....... met up with Emma, Jessica, Emma's boyfriend Chris, and Stacy at Shari's and hung out.... found out that you're not supposed to play card games (it was just Uno... geez....) so we played hangman and pictionary instead. And me and Stacy played Super Tennis for awhile and exchanged gifts before going to sharis. hehe we both got each other one of those gel eye mask thingies.

Tomorrow I'm going down to my dad's to go to the christmas party at my cousin's and then I'll probably stay the night at my dad's and come home monday. But I should go to bed cause I gotta be up early for church..... eep! I still need to wrap Katie's gift!
I'm feeling...: sleepysleepy