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08 March 2003 @ 01:18 pm
I suppose I should eventually get dressed......  
Here it is 1 pm and I'm stil not dressed yet. But I suppose I'll put myself together in a little bit...... I've really only got 1 story to write that's due Monday..... I'm hoping to get an extension on the other story I have due Monday, because the person I needed to talk to is out of town..... and then I have another due Wednesday. Good times.

So, me and Jared went to Spartacus yesterday to see about getting me a leopard print bondage belt...... no luck. They had some problem with flooding in their storage area...... so no go. Ergh, this really sucks. I really wanted a belt.... and Spartacus is practically the only place that would have what I want.

Hmm, but I should probably go and do the dishes before it gets too late...... and I need to call Stacy to see if we're doing anything today.....