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15 March 2003 @ 10:35 pm
Well, Jared just left. We went to Barnes and Noble at Lloyd Center, then went downtown to find someplace to eat.... then to NW still trying to find a place to eat (we were trying to find someplace good we hadn't been before), but since parking was insane as usual, we started going off in different directions. I had brought my $20 in Tillamook restaurant gift certificates, so we started looking for that place. We ended up going the wrong way for a long time then had to backtrack...... etc...... but we found the place eventually.

The price of the meal (and dessert of course) was $21.90. Only $1.90 for a whole lot of yummy food and super yummy ice cream is pretty darn good. Man, I was sooooo full when we left.... uncomfortably full.... I had the pasta primavera, which was steamed veggies over marinara sauce on fettucine noodles. It was really good. Jared had grilled cheese w/ fries, and spanish rice. After that we sampled a bunch of different ice creams with those little spoons and then we both got two scoops of ice cream (I had rocky road and pumpkin, Jared had oregon strawberry and pumpkin). MmmmmmMmmmm it was sooooo very yummy! And now we'll both remember how to get there if I get gift certificates again.

After all this we came back to my house and watched some tv. Tomorrow after he gets off work he's gonna come over and we're gonna watch SLC Punk (one of the movies I rented). Also tomorrow, Stacy might come over after church and we're gonna watch Tuck Everlasting (the other movie I rented). I also rented Henry V. Good times! Sometime before Monday I need to put my portfolio together for newspaper. Man, only one more class day before finals.... then I'm all done for a week. Spring quarter starts March 31. I think I'll try and actually do my homework this time around. We'll see. But I'm gonna go for the night......
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