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28 March 2003 @ 01:05 am
Don't tell me that you're crazy.......  
I had my evalutation before work today. It appears I have been doing pretty good. And I think I might be getting a 21 cent raise! But I don't know when it will go into effect or if it's really gonna happen...... On my break, I had a gardenburger and a fresh strawberry milkshake. Yumm! I think next week we'll be getting strawberry shortcakes!

Tomorrow I'll probably be going to Jared's after work. He said he'd make me spaghetti! :-D Heather love spaghetti! Heather love Jared!

Yeah, so I rented movies yesterday. I rented Mansfield Park, Rules of Attraction, and Happenstance. I watched Rules of Attraction earlier today..... it's an odd one, but I think I liked it. I've seen Mansfield Park many times before, but I had never actually seen it from the beginning. I love that movie! And I still need to finish reading the book..... I put it on hold so I could Memnoch the Devil, and now I can't even finish that. Man oh man..... i think I just need to set aside a day to do nothing but read. I have sooooooo many books that I need to read......

Hmm, but I'm getting really tired and I have to work early tomorrow (sometime around noon I think....) so I should go.
I'm feeling...: My head hurts.....