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03 April 2003 @ 11:38 pm
Tonight the stars in her eyes will shine brighter than the stars in the sky.....  
I wish my new debit card would hurry up and get here already..... I need to put gas in my car and I have no cash!

Work was alright. We have strawberry shortcakes now and they are soooo yummy! And, I was given this card that gets me half off everytime I go to Burgerville in April, so as soon as I get my debit card, I'm gonna be buying myself lunch more often. mmmm fresh strawberry shakes...... man I love strawberries!

I went from person to person to person trying to hunt down some info for my ASSET test opinion today. First I talked to someone in the ASSET testing room, then she said I should talk to so and so in the math department, then she said I should talk to yadda yadda yadda. I came home and emailed the last person I was referred to, and she emailed me back telling me to call her in the morning to arrange a time. Goodtimes. I think I'll tell Petrie that I'll most likely have the story in by Monday, but it might be lacking some facts if I can't get in to talk to her tomorrow....

I'm almost done with my study questions for psychology! I'm gonna try the test tomorrow. If I don't pass it, oh well, I have the weekend to study the stuff I didn't do good on, but if I do, then yay! But, yeah, I should go and try and finish the Q's so I'm as ready as I can be for tomorrow.....
I'm feeling...: determineddetermined