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10 April 2003 @ 12:10 am
I'm so dizzy my head is spinning.....  
Man, everytime I stand up, my head starts pounding and I get so dizzy. This sucks! I hate being sick........ but at least life is good!

So today I wore the dress I bought at Diamond Dogs with my knee-high boots and black "hottie" beanie. Nicole gave me the best comment! "You're boobs are so distracting!" Oh that was great! I really do love my boobs sometime, but other times I really hate them. I'd be happy if I was a C-cup again..... but yeah, I felt dead sexxay today. :-)

I'm starting to feel so work out...... I think I have another test deadline on monday in psychology.... I haven't even looked at the chapter yet, let alone the study questions..... And I work tomorrow 4-10 so i won't be able to squeeze in any study time..... and I can't really go to class tomorrow because of the paper..... I really hope I can get all of it done and pass the test the first time...... oh please oh please! And I heard from Jared that Buffalo Exchange is hiring and I would so love to work there (gah, but I would lose so much in taxes....) oh please oh please! I need to get over there to fill out an app real soon.....

Yeah, so after school I went to Jared's. I had him take pictures of me in my lovely dress so once I finish the role and get it developed, I shall post pics for all to see! But for now, I just want to go to bed and sleep sleep sleep!
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