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01 May 2003 @ 04:08 pm
gas, food and logic!  
Fun fun night last night! It think it was around 11 when Eric, Stacy and I decided to go to the Sharis by Stacy's house. So I went and picked Eric up and we listened to Skankin Pickle on the way to Stacy's...... We all shared a banana split and laughed about stupid things because we were all tired. Played some hangman..... then some 20 questions..... it was a lot of fun. Sometime around 2 or 2:30 we left and went home. Good times! And I slept in til 11:30 this morning..... it was soooo nice! I got dressed and drove to Clark for my math class, but I think it was cancelled because of some math conferencey thingy.... so I hung out with Becky and interviewed her for my garage sale-ing story. I have to go to work in a half hour. Ergh..... I hope I can get out of there at least somewhat on time....... please! Anyways, I gotta Jett like Joan!
I'm feeling...: bouncybouncy