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11 May 2003 @ 04:24 pm
ugh.... I am soooo tired..... after I got offline last night I started watching Clerks in my room..... at 5 am I just decided to tunr everything off and sleep. The sun was coming up so I figured it was time. Plus, I wanted to be up in time for church, which was at 11. The only reason I got up in time was because my brother called shortly after 10 and I chatted with him some. He's got a show coming up on the 27 at the Meow Meow, $5 at the door, show @ 7, doors open @ 6. Check it out if you can: Cadaverz on Kitestrings, Big Stevie Cool, and Krazy K. It's gonna rock the casbah. My brother was asking me today if I might be able to collect money if he can't find anyone else and I said I could. Anyways, I'm gonna Jett like Joan and go to the store with my mom...... later tonight I'm gonna go to Tiffany's for her birthday......
I'm feeling...: lethargiclethargic