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24 May 2003 @ 03:50 pm
I am so sore today and I'm not sure why. I think it might be from work yesterday.....

Anyways, I got my hair cut this morning! It's short and spiky in the back and longer in the front. Looks good. Then I went shopping and got:

@ JCPenney
-- A spiffy red graphic tee that says "After dark body service dusk til dawn" on the front and "bangin it out every night" on the back
-- a pair of lei "workwear" pants... the kind that are slightly shorter than regular pants.... yeah..... :-P
@ Old Navy
-- red and white "all star board riders" sleeveless graphic tee
-- a graphic tee that says "we live, we love, we wait for summer" and "the fun, the sun, the surf, the sand"
-- a black and a blue plain, ribbed tank top
@ American Eagle
-- "Lotus Blosson Club and Lounge" purple graphic tee
-- "The Tiki-a-go-go. Late night luau every night. Limbo contest. How low can you go?" dark blue graphic tee

In the next few days, I'm gonna go down to Spartacus and get me that bondage belt..... *jingle jingle* :-D But right now, I am gonna go over to Walmart and see about getting Stacy a birthday present! Later!
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