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28 May 2003 @ 09:52 pm
I'm a ninja!  
My brother's show last night kicked major ass. I got there a little after 4:30 and hung outside the Meow Meow for a while with Josh, Steve (the BSC..... Big Stevie Cool) who was dressed as Rodney Gold (one of his alter egos), and Gorilla Phat and some chick, with the occasional walk by of my brother. It was insanely hot outside.... but that was nothing compared to inside. It was so hot, sweat was basically dripping down my face. It was insane!

It was cool to hang with Steve. I've known him since I was three years old, but failed to notice how hot he was until a couple years ago. I think he was surprised at how much I've changed. And he was majorly hitting on me. I have no problem with that! :-D I was also hanging out with Krusty's little brother, who I surprised to learn is only 15. He's already a major cutie.... he's gonna be a hot one when he's older! heehee.

So yeah, I collected money at the door, stamped hands, and handed out cards to be redeemed for free ninja stuff and the little entry slip thingies for the free tattoo contest. I had to sit near the door most of the show, but I still enjoyed myself and had a lot of fun. The BSC's set was really short due to technical difficulties, but it rocked nonetheless. He even busted out some old school Cryptic Ninja Clan. Then Krazy K played..... he's pretty good. I hadn't heard him before and my brother had always said that he was tight, and he was right! (hehe I rhymed!)

Yup. And then Cadaverz on Kitestrings (my brother's group) went on. They were awesome. My brother had his ninja gear on, and his pumpkinhead mask.... it was great! haha, and mass amounts of stuffed animals were slaughtered. I guess that's their gimmick. They throw a bunch of stuffed animals into the crowd and the crowd tears them up and throws around the stuffing. I think some of it floated down my shirt..... haha and I learned never to wear a button up shirt to a concert... someone slammed into me pretty hard (almost knocked me down) and my shirt popped open.... yeah.... I don't think too many people noticed though. Then later I almost lost my glasses because a stuffed animal came flying at me and knocked them off.... but I found them so it's all good. Yeah, and the song they did about the Garbage Pail Kids kicked so much ass! "You could be a garbage pail kid!"

After the show, we hung outside once again. haha I ended up showing off my pole dancing talents for Steve, telling him that I learned it at good old John Gumm Elementary in St. Helens. I was talking to this guy (dont' remember his name) and then he found out I was Double J's little sister and he said "Are you serious? I've heard a lot about you!" So my curiosity forced to me ask what he had heard. At first he wouldn't tell me, but I weasled it out of him. He said, "Well, I basically heard that Double J's sister was really hot, and it seems the rumors are true." :-) yeah, so then he was like "Hey everybody, this is Double J's sister!" Steve did that a lot too, except he tacked on "and I've known her since she was three years old." Yeah..... it was interesting.

Eventually, everyone dispersed and Josh and I ended up going to my brother's apartment in Aloha to hang for a while. This chick that came down for the show from Tacoma had a bunch of Faygo, so I grabbed a Red Pop (there were only two Rock 'n Rye and they had already been taken......). And my mom called my cell phone and started bitching me out..... she's not too happy with me right now because I'm always out late with friends, yadda yadda. Grrr! She makes me so mad sometimes. I mean, seriously, I'm 19 years old now, I think I can make my own decisions. Blah.

Well, that was pretty much it. Now I'm gonna go work on psychology for awhile then come back and update about today...... later!

Oh yeah..... And here is my lovely backstage pass!

I'm a ninja!
I'm feeling...: busybusy
Stacymeebeeleevcu on May 28th, 2003 09:58 pm (UTC)
I just hope you are being carefull...I worry about you sometimes...you dont' have to be so "show offy" do you?