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08 June 2003 @ 07:53 pm
Work was awful today..... It was super slow for about an hour after I got there, then all of a sudden, this mad rush of people came through. It sucked, there isn't much else for me to say.

Came home, showered, and got dressed again and did my hair super cute. I wish I had a digital camera.... anyways, did all that then ran over to the mall (I had to go to American Eagle to use that 15% off thingy, today was the last day to use it) and bought two shirts. One is green and says "Put the pedal to the metal American Eagle truck stops co." and the other is dark blue and says "Betty's truck stop gas-n-go exit 17." Goodtimes. Then I went by Burgerville because I had forgotten to get my check when I left work. Then I came home.

Now, to talk about yesterday. I worked.... drove home really fast, showered and got dressed even faster, then drove really fast to Nicole's. She wasn't there, so I was like "oh... oh well...." then went to say hi to Eric. He was getting ready to go to prom with some girl from VSAA. I eventually got a call from Nicole saying that I was supposed to ride up with Katrina to her sister's wedding, so I drove back to Nicole's and me and Katrina drove to the wedding. It was mad crazy because Nicole was stuck in traffic somewhere, and Katrina and I had the music for the wedding and we were supposed to be there by 6, but didn't get there until almost 6:40.

The wedding was fun. The ceremony was real quick, too. Free food.... mass amounts of strawberries were consumed and we got them to play "white wedding." :-) And they had Tazo tea, so when we left, we grabbed a bunch.... mmmm wild sweet orange..... :-)

Afterwards, we hung out at Nicole's for a while, then I came home and attempted once again to watch the rest of Sleepy Hollow..... I failed. I was just too tired and fell asleep..... and I was so close to the end! arrr.... :-P

Well, that's pretty much it for now...... I've got some psychology to go do now......
I'm feeling...: calmcalm