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17 June 2003 @ 06:55 pm
lalala here I sit and veg....

So I went to Freddy's to apply and have Keith introduce me to his boss, but she had already left for the day. So I'm going back tomorrow to talk to her. Keith said he started out making 7.95 and hour.... oh man that would be awesome. I only make 7.22 at Burgerville... the only thing that would really suck is he said the boss is kinda mean sometimes. I suppose I could get past that.... it's not fast food, which makes it 10,000 times better than Burgerville.

What else have I done today? Nothing at all. I have just been sitting and watching tv for a while now..... I crave action.... I need something to do! Maybe I'll call Nicole and see what's up......
I'm feeling...: lazylazy