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19 June 2003 @ 02:03 pm
I'm dancing and singin in the rain......  
AOL is being a bitch! Ergh..... Hopefully it will behave long enough for me to update....

So last night I spent the night at Stacy's and Keith did too. It was a lot of fun. We watched "Just Married," played Life, watched "Extreme Days" and pretty much just goofed around all night. I'm pretty much hired at Fred Meyer's. All I have to do is complete the survey and then take the drug test. Yay! I was supposed to do all that today, but I went in and the hiring chick told me she was way too busy today and I'm going back tomorrow morning at 8:30 to take the survery. As soon as all of that is complete, I will give my two weeks notice at Burgerville. Eep! This is so cool!

Yesterday after I went to Stacy's, I went with her to get some snacks and buy Just Married...... I had some people staring at me strangely at Best Buy... why? Well, I was browsing the CD's and found.... are you ready for this?...... Robbie Williams "Swing When You're Winning"!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was never released in the States so I was damn excited. I said "Oh my gosh! Yes!!!!" really loud. It's an import from Australia..... so nice.... so very nice..... I've been wanting to get a CD of old Frank Sinatra hits for awhile now, and now I've got the best of both worlds! mmmmm Robbie...... I also bought the soundtrack to "A Clockwork Orange." :-D

Now I am relaxing eating some hashbrowns. yuuummmmmm........ I love the way I make hashbrowns..... such a nice blend of seasonings....... :-) I'm gonna finish up eating and hop in the shower real quick, then head back over to Stacy's and the three of us are gonna hang out some more.
I'm feeling...: happyhappy
I'm rocking out to...: "SInging in the rain" on the Clockwork Orange soundtrack