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30 June 2003 @ 09:45 pm
Cut up and get cut down.....  
I saw this funny poem by Goethe today:
Well, I suppose I've loved boys as well; but girls are much better. When she's lost charm as a girl, give her a turn as a boy.

heehee. I thought it was amusing.

Today was pretty fun. I ended up meeting Nicole at Barnes and Noble and we sata round and looked at magazines for a bit, then went to Walmart for lipgloss. I saw Landon in the parking lot and said Hi. Then we went and got out paychecks at Clark and deposited them and went to the mall. We tried lots of different makeup at the Mac counter at Nordstrom then noticed that Hot Topic was already open and checked it out. No real difference from the one at Lloyd Center. I decided to buy these Transformers wrist sweatband thingies (one Autobots and one Decepticons... gotta represent both sides) and a little button with a joystick that says "represent." I saw a Care Bear ringer t-shirt that had Love-a-Lot on it.... I want! Love-a-Lot is my favorite Care Bear.

Nicole was meeting up with her mom and co. at Olive Garden and said I could come too, so we went to Olive Garden. After that we went back to Barnes and Noble and sat around. I grabbed a ton of books to look at and we sat around for quite a while. I bought a book called "Gingerbread" by Rachel Cohn. While I was sitting around, someone said that they read it and it was really good. I might read it after Holes.... Anyways, afterwards, we both went home. yup, and that is where I am now.

It was a good day.

Shut up and get shot down.....
I'm feeling...: energeticenergetic
I'm rocking out to...: Jason Mraz of course!