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04 July 2003 @ 01:42 am
it looked interesting, I couldn't help myself..... taken from missalphabet  
+name: Heather
+piercings: just my ears, but I would like to get my labret done
+tattoos: I know what I want, I just need the money.
+height: 5'3"
+shoe size: 7
+hair color: dyed black, naturally dark brown
+length: short and spiky-ish in back, longer in front with bangs
+siblings: Jon (22) and Eric (26)

+movie you rented: it's been so long I don't remember..... but I borrowed The Closet and Chocolat from Nicole if that counts
+movie you bought: Clerks and Sleepy Hollow
+song you listened to: The Remedy by Jason Mraz
+song that was stuck in your head: The Remedy
+cd you bought: Rooney
+cd you listened to: Jason Mraz
+person you called: Josh
+person that's called you: Josh
+tv show you've watched: Sister, Sister
+person you're thinking of: Jason Mraz, duh. heehee :-P

+you have a bf or gf: nada
+you have a crush on someone: a few
+you wish you could live somewhere else: in my own place, but not really somewhere else
+you think about suicide: Suicide Girls yes, actual suicide.... no
+you believe in online dating: not really. You need to have a connection in real life for it to work.
+others find you attractive: Apparently so because yesterday while I was driving, I was hit on two different times by two different cars each with at least two guys in it..... I found it entertaining..... and quite funny.
+you want more piercings: yes
+you drink: sometimes
+you do drugs: I've smoked weed, but that's it
+you smoke: for a while yes, now it's just very, very, very occasionally (like almost never)
+you like cleaning: no...... but I really need to clean my room....... damn.....
+you like roller coasters: hells yeah! so.... fun....
+you write in cursive or print: print.... my cursive looks awful! Plus, I'm not sure if I even remember how to do all the letters anymore. :-P

+long distance relationships: against. I crave attention in relationships and you can't get much attention that way.
+using someone: It's never good to use someone.
+suicide: Against.
+killing poeple: Against. I could never kill anyone.... even though I say some people need to die, I don't mean that they REALLY need to die....
+teenage smoking: it's bad, but what can you do?
+premarital sex: it depends
+driving drunk: Very against.
+gay/lesbian relationship: I have no problems with it. If the couple is happy, then that's all that matters.
+soap operas: Evil! So very evil.....

+food: pasta
+thing to talk about: I'm not sure what my favorite thing to talk about is.... but me and Nicole had a very interesting conversation about television not too long ago....
+sports: I don't really like sports, but I wouldn't mind going to a hockey game....
+drinks: Ruby Red Squirt, slurpees, Roy Rogers..... ummm..... can't think of any more right now
+clothes: Vintage
+movies: Mallrats, Amelie, Sleepy Hollow, A Clockwork Orange, Superstar..... so many.....
+band/singer: Jason Mraz or Robbie Williams
+holiday: Christmas and halloween
+new nerdy saying: That's so hip.

+ever cried over a guy: yes, but not when broke up, only during the relationship
+ever lied to someone: yes
+ever been in a fist fight: no, and I'm glad I haven't because I would lose
+ever been arrested: Nada.

+of times I have been in love: Once. In lust? So many times......
+of times I have had my heart broken: never really had it broken actually.....
+of hearts I have broken: two, maybe three
+of girls I have kissed: umm, I think one or two on a dare
+of boys I have kissed: hmmm, let me think..... 19. Who's next?
+of girls I have slept with: 3 in a slumber party style non-dirty way
+of boys I have slept with: slept in the same bed with 3, in a non dirty way that is
+of drugs taken illegally: one
+of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends: 2
+of people I consider my enemy: I don't think I really have enemies
+of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: tons, but pretty much only in bylines
+of scars on my body: only 4 that I think of
+of things in my past that I regret: hmmm, so many....

+disney movie: I've always loved Cinderella
+scent: citrus, Victoria's Secret Love Spell body spray, pasta cooking, that smell when it's about to rain or just did, clean boy smell
+word: Dude, rad, hip, rock....
+nickname: Pixie Bliss, Jones!
+guy name: Octavian
+girl name: Amelie
+eye color: makes no difference to me
+flower: never really thought about it.... rose I guess
+piercing: lip, labret, tongue
+actress: Audrey Tautou

+pretty: sure
+funny: well, I amuse myself.... but then again, I am easily amused..... I guess I am
+hot: sometimes
+friendly: Definately
+amusing: I amuse myself. I'm pretty sure I amuse others as well....
+ugly: no
+loveable: of course
+pessimistic: nada
+optimistic: Indeed
+caring: yeah, I think so
+dorky: Completely
I'm feeling...: amusedamused