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12 July 2003 @ 12:17 am
Sooo.... tired...... I got my first paycheck from Freddies today. Yup. A whole 27 bucks! haha, it's only for my orientation, which was 4 hours.... next weeks should be great though. About 23 hours worth! I like working at Freddies sooooooooo much better! And after work tonight me and Keith hung out at Shari's again. Good times drinking Roy Rogers, eating fries and blowing holes through our ice cubes.

Last night after work I went and hung out with Eric. We drove around then went to some school with a playground and ran around. Then we layed in the field for a super long time looking at the stars. Eric pointed some things out for me, like the W... umm, that chick from Clash of the Titans.... Casiopea! That's it! Though I'm sure I spelled it wrong.... ha, well anyways, yeah.

Tomorrow, I'll probably drive down to my dad's so he can take a look at my cd player. Nicole might be coming too and then I can show her around St. Helens. We'll have to head out somewhat early if we want to check out any of the second hand stores downtown..... oh I wonder what movie is playing at the theatre.... tickets are pretty cheap there. $3 for matinee and really comfortable seats. They also have Care Bear gummy bears. :-) Anyways, I am kinda tired, so I think I will go to bed.....

Oh yeah, I need a new car..... any leads? I'd like to spend $2500 or less, preferably less, but can go as high as $3000.