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28 July 2003 @ 12:36 am
I feel so worn out..... I think I'm sore from bowling the other night. And pair that with two 8-hour days in a row at Freddies..... I'm so glad I have the day off tomorrow. Nicole called me tonight and we have made plans to go to the DMV together to get new licenses (hers is expired). That means I have to do my hair and make-up really cute... hehe. Perhaps some hot pink lipstick? Or hot pink eye shadow? :-) And after I'm done with that, I'm going straight to the bank to get some cash. I've been moneyless for the last couple days and it has been horrible. I went all day at work today without any food, and I would have yesterday too, but Keith let me have some garlic bread that he made for himself. I found myself fairly week and very dizzy more than once tonight.... anyways, after I ger money, I want to buy a new wallet. Yeah, and a lock for my locker at work.

In other news.... My arm feels irritated. I think the sanitizer water at work is finally getting to me. Stupid bulk bins and the constant wash and fill.... blah.
I'm feeling...: soresore