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07 September 2003 @ 11:58 pm
mmmmm I just bought three boxes of Capri Sun for $5. Coupons are so cool! :-P I'm getting more tomorrow..... gotta stock up!

I had an interesting chat with this guy at Blockbuster. He was in special forces in the marines and then became a cop in California and now works at Blockbuster and is a volunteet firefighter. It was a very interesting story. And I think I heard that he was fluent in Russian awhile ago (when he was talking to the person ahead of me) but has sorta lost it and is trying to learn it again. Neat!

The other day when I was working, this lady started talking to me about her daughter and how she loves all of the eccentric nutritious foods and that when she visits her at college she ends up buying her a bunch of stuff.... She also said that her daughter is spoiled because she's living with rich people... then she was talking about San Francisco.... she just wouldn't stop talking! haha, and she would start to walk off but still be talking, but then walk right back and talk some more. It was funny.

Interesting people where ever you go.... and a little strange....
I'm feeling...: do do do do do