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08 September 2003 @ 11:45 pm
My socks are having a party -- do your pants wanna come down?  
Why am I so tired lately? I'm always yawning and a little groggy towards the end of work lately and I don't know why. I hope I'm not getting sick. It's not like I haven't been sleeping... I slept until almost 11 this morning. hmm...

I hate it when I'm trying to help a customer and their breath is so horrible or their perfume is so strong that I just want to run far, far away.

Tomorrow I'm meeting with Nicole and Jennifer about paper stuff again. After that, Nicole and I are taking Jennifer shopping. It's gonna be fun! I think I'll suggest a trip to Ice Cream Renaissance as part of tomorrow's plans.... I really want ice cream....

Well then, I'm just really tired right now, so I'm gonna go up to my room.
I'm feeling...: tiredtired
I'm rocking out to...: Peter Searcy "Bored"