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30 September 2003 @ 09:29 pm
Man, the 4th Plain Freddies sucks ass. There's absolutely nothing to do... oh well, I got out of there almost two hours early! In other news, my cold has gotten worse. There were only a few rare moments today when I could actually breathe through my nose. Plus, my head is so in the clouds, I don't even feel like I'm actually here... like I'm really dreaming or something... And I'm getting really bad headaches too. Make it go away!!!! blah.

Last night was cool though. After spending lots of time in newspaper trying figure the budget out, I went and picked up Josh and we went to Walmart to get some bleach for his hair. We had been planning this, so I was excited... plus, I'd never bleached someone's hair before. We ended up dying it in the men's bathroom, Yup. I hung out in the men's bathroom for at least 45 minutes. Over the course of that time, I think I scared one man off, yelled at a couple people who didn't wash their hands and this guy Jeremy that Josh knows (and I kinda sorta met once) who was working at the McDonald's in Walmart came to go to the bathroom on his break and walked in to find me there. He said "Oh man, there's a girl in here... and I need to take a dump." haha I told him "It's ok, I don't mind. Do what you gotta do." That was funny.

After we finished his hair and got some gel to put in it, we left and I was gonna take Josh home then thought, hey, let's see if Kevin is still up and surprise him. Oh man. The looks on Kevin and Bobby's faces were priceless! Then we were all hanging out in Kevin's driveway and Chris showed up.... his reaction was even better. Haha. It was a fun night. We were all there outside Kevin's until about 2 am... and Chris was acting jealous again! I was sitting next to Kevin on the back of the truck and Chris just says "Don't Heather and Kevin just make the perfect couple." Ah, Chris, Chris, Chris... then later Chris and I were taking turns playfully punching each other in the leg and Bobby said "Why don't you just get a room" and I replied with "What? We're just banging each other!" hahaha. It was hilarious. When it came time to leave, Chris wanted a hug. He's almost acting like we're dating. I hope he doesn't think we're dating, because we aren't. I should talk to him about this...

Today was loooong and boring. I almost fell asleep a few times during my Bio lecture. Classes that are nothing but talking never fail to make me tired. Lab woke me up a little, so that was good. After lab I had this awful pounding headache so I bought a little one does packet of Advil in the bookstore then hung out in newspaper until it was time to go to work. Well, that's my day for you. I hope I feel better tomorrow.... or at least find my Sudafed....
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