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02 October 2003 @ 04:03 pm
Today has been pretty good, despite the fact that I slept in and missed all of my classes... :-P I blame Kevin because I was hanging out with him in his driveway until almost 3 am. What were we doing this whole time? Just sitting in the back of the truck talking about random things. It was cool... I had never really hung out with just Kevin before....

I called in sick at work today. I was only supposed to fill in at the 4th plain Freddies and their store is so freaking slow that they pretty much don't even need me to be there so I don't feel bad for calling in. I needed this time to do my reporting and just have a night off. I just back from an interview in the tutoring center about, well, the tutoring center. :-P I met this guy Ken off of friendster and he works in the tutoring center. He's a cool guy and he does ballet. I think that's pretty rad. Making new friends is super spiffy. :-)

Jared is here with me and Nicole in newspaper. We're gonna go check out the Art Walk on Main St. soon. It's from 5-8 pm I think. It shall be fun. I'm also very hungry so we must get food somewhere.

And I will leave you with this: I think there may be one or more persons that Heather might have a crush on.... but I'm not completely sure.
I'm feeling...: sillysilly