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14 October 2003 @ 03:28 pm
Holy cow! Ok, so yesterday, I got 14 emails from Brett (newspaper advisor) and today there were 14 new ones. Fourteen emails a day? Good Lord! I think I need to tell him to send those to my other email because holy shit man, that's insane!

So.... I woke up just after 11 this morning. Yes, my first class is at 10.... and biology is at 11 and we had a test today. Good thing she drops the lowest test score! heh. That means I must study hard for the other tests in the class. I also missed my lab today (which was at WSU hunting down a plastic turtle with the teacher's equipment). I got to WSU 5 minutes later than the meeting time and then remembered that I needed a dollar for parking, but didn't have any cash on me at all so I just left. We're allowed to miss only one lab for the quarter and I guess that was it. I'm sad I missed it because it sounded really fun.

Since I had time to kill (I work at 4) I drove around some and ended up at the Goodwill on 78th. I found a Saved by the Bell board game, a couple CDs and a TMNT video. There was also this really neat old Tang pitcher.... I think I might go back tomorrow to see if it's still there....

I have decided to blame Kevin for missing my classes today. Why? Because he broke my slinky. haha. And I just really like messing with him.... :-D Anyways, I think I'll go get ready for work....
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