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17 November 2003 @ 03:25 pm
My research paper for history is due next Tuesday, 5-8 pages. I think I might do mummification. Either that or I can make a volcano, call it Vesuvious and make a little ash pit and call it Pompeii then write a 1-3 page paper on Pompeii. hmmm.... Does anyone know how to make a volcano?

I hung out with Josh after class at the mall. I bought a Gob cd (can't remember the name, it's in my car right now), some Pocky, Faygo Red Pop and a couple comics that were on clearance at Hot Topic (one of them is Lenore, but I can't remember the other). That's going to be my shopping spree for the week, otherwise I may not be able to buy gas later on.

I found a website for modern mummification.... it would be so neat if I was mummified after I died. Then my family could pass my mummified down for generations upon generations...... heheh. Anyways, I've only got another half hour before I need to leave for MUN. Later.
I'm feeling...: lethargiclethargic