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13 December 2003 @ 12:25 am
I was happy to learn this morning that that guy from my class was right. So I took the final... and I actually don't feel so bad about it. I know I'm still going to do awful in that class, but oh well. So, I'm a nerd and I used the words "certain doom" twice in my essay and even quoted lyrics from "Istanbul (not Constantinople)" by They Might be Giants on one of my identifications. I wonder if anyone noticed me laughing silently at myself....

Stacy spent the night last night.... you'll never guess what we did. We cleaned my room! Yes, kiddies, Heather's room is, for the most part, clean! All that's left to do is hang up my massive pile of clothes and finish a couple corners. My mom was shocked.... we even did the dishes. haha. Now, I don't care so much if people see my room. I am no longer ashamed of it. Be proud! I never realized just how many movies I have until we Stacy stacked them all up. They were all scattered in various places and have never all been in one place. I need a DVD tower or something.....

I am craving soda really bad, but all we have is diet. I hate diet soda. I won't drink it..... I'm tempted to run to Walmart or something and get some soda. Water just isn't cutting it.

In other news, I have to work tomorrow. I haven't had to work all week.... it's a measly 4-hour shift too. But my hours should be going back up now, so that's good. I think that's pretty much all that's been happening lately.
I'm feeling...: thirstythirsty
I'm rocking out to...: I was listening to Reel Big Fish, but nothing right now...