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17 February 2004 @ 11:21 pm
Big New Orleans update  
Ok folks, I'm back from New Orleans (or Nawlins, as the locals would call it) and it's time for a write up. I'll start with the basics. I had a blast! This was by far this best trip I have ever been on (with the exception of Germany). The food is soooo good down there.... and the city is just beautiful.

When we arrived in Nawlins, we had to wait for a ride to the hotel and then someone from the airport walked us to out rides. I notice some limos and think to myself "Wow, it would be awesome if we got to ride in those." They turned out to be our ride. Right off the bat, the trip was looking great. We arrived in style at the hotel, the Hyatt Regency, and admired its glory in the lobby while our rooms were being taken care of. It was a 32 floor hotel and my ears popped a lot from the elevators. I roomed with Emma and Richelle (which couldn't have been a more perfect combination) on the 19th floor. Down the hall, some of the guys managed to get a suite, complete with couches and a nice dining table and stereo. Another group of guys ended up on the VIP floor of the hotel. We had it good. I brought my CDs into the suite and we blasted Bif Naked's "I Love Myself Today," a pretty fitting song if you ask me. Too bad the glory of that room wouldn't last long. The other group of girls complained about their room so much that Wael made them switch. That sucked. They didn't deserve that room. Anyways!

Our first night on the town, we walked around for a while looking for a place to eat. After much speculation and walking, we found St. Charles Tavern. The food was sooooo yummy. I even tried the seafood gumbo. Crab legs. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't like seafood. But it was good. The next day we set out early and visited the Cafe Du Monde, Virgin megastore, and the Mississippi waterfront before the conference officially started. At the cafe, they have these things called beignets (a french donut) that are so yummy and the coffee is really good. I bought a t-shirt, mug and a can of their coffee.

The conference was awesome. The first night of committee I was kind of quiet, trying to find my niche, but once I found it, I was very active and my voice was heard in debate. I think I did really well. On the topic of human trafficking, we came up with a "control center" for information gathering, etc. that I got everyone to agree to place in Luxewmbourg and we even moved Europol to the same place. Luxembourg will slowly take over the European Union.... muahahahaha! heehee. And on our second topic, joint space programs, I managed to have Luxembourg be the topic of debate for a while. It was good. I am very proud of myself and how well I did. I sponsored one resolution and was a signatory on three others.

Committee lasted until 10 pm every night and afterwards a group of us would go out on the town. I don't think I got more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night. The second night there, a bunch of us went to the Mermaid Lounge and saw a couple bands play then went back to St Charles Tavern for food. After that, half the group split back to the hotel, and the rest of us walked along Bourbon St. Lots of people walking around drunk.... it was the night before the real start of Mardi Gras. Committee the next day went from 9 am to 10 pm.... I was tired. But that didn't stop me from hitting the town afterwards. Went to Bourbon again and the crowd had gotten much larger. It was great. Mardi Gras is awesome. The next night I went to Bourbon again and bought a New Orleans t-shirt and a pretty hot pink and purple feather boa. I also got quite a bead collection for free just from trailing parades and picking them up off the street.

The last day we were there, we had the entire day for sightseeing. And boy did I. Walked all over New Orleans the whole day. We even walked into the Projects (and immediately left once realizing where we were). Saw a dog that someone had made up to look like Scooby Doo. But the best part of the day would be seeing Anne Rice's house. We caught a cab from the projects and he took us to the garden district where she lives. Oh man..... it was awesome! And even better, I got to talk to her!!!! Not in person, but still.... I talked to Anne Rice!!!!!!! Mike rang her buzzer/intercom thingy on her gate. At first I was like "Oh man what are you doing!?" But she talked to us and was really nice. We even saw her in the window and waved at her. I think that was the most excited I have ever been. I was seriously flipping out.... best day of my life!

After my moment with Anne Rice, we ventured to Lafayette cemetary just a few blocks away. It was Sunday and it was closed, so we didn't get to walk around, but I it was still awesome. This is the cemetary where parts of Double Jeopardy and Dracula 2000 were filmed. After this we walked back to the hotel, picking up more beads as we went. We dropped everything off at the hotel then left for the House of Blues to get dinner. That place is awesome... so much to take in... and good food too. We got back to the hotel right before curfew (there was only a curfew that night to make sure we were all back in the hotel before leaving in the morning) and snuck in to the hot tub after it closed to relax. I stayed up the rest of the night because I figured it would be easier than trying to get up and pack and be in the lobby by 5 am.

All in all, it was an awesome trip. Truly awesome. Friendships were strengthened and created and I had lots of fun. I hope we go to this conference next year too.
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skitchskitch000 on February 18th, 2004 12:16 am (UTC)
i'm glad you had fun!
Rastafarian Caucasianshort_round_rox on February 18th, 2004 10:08 am (UTC)
Thats awesome that you met anne rice, I'm suprised celebrities would take the time out of their days to talk to random people.
Heather Jones: juicy juice! yum...zerocoolphreak on February 19th, 2004 01:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah it was pretty awesome... she was really nice. I thought she might be a little freaked out or something, but she really didn't seem like it. If I go back next year, I'm gonna see if she remembers me and my posse. I doubt she will, but who knows...