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05 April 2004 @ 07:41 pm
I had another really great day today. I love spring! Hung out with Amy and Amanda after classes and saw that guy with the nice ass (mr. hot ass I believe is what we are calling him). heehee. We then sat and listened to the ASCC candidates forum thingy. After that, Amy was talking to her fiance and broke things off with him, Amanda went to class, and I ventured to Target and ended up buying a tank top/camisole thingy. Back at Clark I found Amanda and Becky. We had an interesting conversation that resulted in me saying that I like being spanked as a security guard walked past. He seemed very entertained at that concept. And Becky just wouldn't let that go after that.... Eventually we moved into the fountain and chilled there, continuing the fun conversation. We were later joined by Matt and Josh and some other dude... and then Becky's fiance. It was fun talking to Matt about various dvds and whatnot. Eventually Josh and I had to run off to MUN, where we got started planning for Spring Con and talked about hosting a big multi-day conference next year. We also talked about fundraising and decided that we will have a bachelor auction and kissing booth at Spring Thing. Me and Kari were probably the first volunteers for that. We're also more than happy to do jello wrestling. heh heh. Model United Nations is great. I strongly suggest everyone to take that class.

Now.... I'm kinda bored. I think I might call Chris and see if he wants to chill and watch a movie or something. I need to call Dayz too..... I'm gonna Jett like Joan and whatnot, so ciao.
I'm feeling...: goodgood