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10 May 2004 @ 01:20 am
Mr. bartender, I had a bad day  
I worked an hour and a half of overtime tonight.... blah. Big corporate visit tomorrow, everything has to be perfect. Someone made a huge mess in the cooler and I spent a lot of time cleaning up milk and soy milk. Not fun. Damnit I have a lot of work left on my annotated bibliography. I don't even have all 20 sources yet. Fuck.

In other news, Spring Con was yesterday. I was supposed to be Chile and jump back and forth between committee and DPI, but ended up playing Iraq on security council. I didn't know anything about Iraq's position so I didn't do a whole lot. Josh helped me BS a quick speech and me and Brianna wrote a joke resolution (I'm a good little Spanish conquest!). After the conference was over, I changed clothes and went to the bank for money to see Taming of the Shrew at Clark. Amy and I chilled at anime until 7 then ventured over to Frost to get tickets and whatnot. We lucked out and got great seats right in front. It was a good show. <3Taming of the Shrew<3 I love that play.... and it gave Amy and I another reason to reminisce about our Shakespeare days.

I took Amy home after the play and then went to Stacy's to spend the night. Keith was there too. We watched Duplex and Keith fell asleep. I lectured him. I told him that he shouldn't be sleeping if I'm not cause I only got 2 and a half hours of sleep Friday night. I'm surprised I had the energy I did all day long. Oh! I almost forgot! When we were at anime, Micah was there taking down his signs.... Heather's ass was grabbed multiple times. In all the years I've went to school with him, I never thought that Micah West would be groping me. I must remember to smack his ass the next time I see him....

Anyways! I should get some work done on this annotated bibliography, so I will be going now. Ciao.
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