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06 June 2004 @ 11:24 pm
Oh, so that's why they call you Supertits!  
So, the show on Friday night was good. Cory was there and he didn't recognize me at all because it's been a number of years since he last saw me. It was really funny. I was like, "you don't recognize me do you? I'm Heather, lived in Columbia City..... *blank look* I'm Jon's sister. *spits out soda he was drinking* He was surprised to say the least. And Steve... He has to discreetly hit on me because if my brother were to know, he'd yell at him or something. Towards the end of the night he gave me his email address.

Anyways, more about the show itself. They started with a wrestling match. Trash cans, plastic serving trays, various other things to hit each other with. It was good. Toxic Ty was great, he came out with a mop and was like "are you ready to be tromatized?" One big ode to Tromavision. Hell yeah. His set morphed into Steve's (Big Stevie Cool) and they did a lot of stuff on stage together, then Krazy k came out with them. After they were done, Caderverz on Kitestrings (the one my brother is in) came on. Stuffed animals were massacred, and I ended up with stuffing in my hair, in my shirt, in my bra, and some starting to get in my pants all because had to be a jackass and come up behind me and dump out the entire contents of a huge Kermit the frog all over me. An dit wasn't regular cotton stuffing. It was little plush bean style stuffing, so it looked like it was snowing. There was more wrestling after the Cadaverz, and this time there were keyboards being smashed on their heads and the keys flying everywhere. Frying pan to the head, table, steel chair, blood. Good times! Sesame Street Gangster played next. They were really good. I'll have to look into getting their cd.

Ok, so that was Friday night, now for the tale of last night/this morning. Wake up go to work, yadda yadda, get off work. Go to Kevin's to enjoy a nice half gallon of rum. Before we start drinking, Chris calls... he's at John and Celia;s, is drunk and needs a ride. I give in because I'm such a nice person. We stop by Jake and Jeremy's thinking that Bobby and David were there, nope. Stayed there a bit then went to David's. Then back to Kevin's. Finally the drinking begins. At some point, everyone just decided to start tickling me..... I eventually started tickling Kevin as some sort of defense, and not long after that, Josh and Bobby had left the room and Kevin and I were tossing around tickling each other and making out. There was also a lot of biting involved, from both of us. He left some nice bruises on my arms from it... oh well, I did the same to him. So yeah, I was totally not expecting to end up making out with Kevin last night. It was good though. I didn't actually leave until almost 9 this morning, and only because I was getting tired and had to be at work at 1:30. Yeah, so I only had 3 hours of sleep this morning before work. Good times! Anyways, that was my weekend.
I'm feeling...: goodgood