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20 June 2004 @ 12:23 am
Well holy shit.....  
Well, in case anyone was wondering why there haven't been any posts from Heather recently, our computer decided to break down. A week and a half without checking my email or LiveJournal.... it was pretty lame. Well, Frank went and bought a new computer today, so I am back. Yay!

Ok! Now to talk about the last week and a half. I guess the biggest news would be that I have a new boyfriend. Yes, I said boyfriend, me, who "doesn't date people", I have a boyfriend again. Can you guess who? ...... Well, in case you can't, it's Devon. Damn, he's so gorgeous. I know I've said that a lot, but he really, really is. Mmm mmm nice ass too. Most of what I've been doing is just chillin' at his place with him and his friends. I think it's time for Heather to go back on the pill. ;-) Damn, he's a sexy bitch. And we share some kinkier interests too... scratching, biting, etc. But I'll shutup about that for now. I don't really know what else to say about him right now...

What else have I been doing? Working. Blah... 40 hours this coming week... a couple opening shifts mixed in, and I even get to do the big order for the whole department. Me special. Rhonda is on vacation. Can we say fatty paycheck? Yes we can! Though, nowhere near as fatty as the one that included my holiday pay. I just need to try and not spend any money until after I buy my own computer. Pieces I already have: moniter, printer/scanner, speakers, keyboard and mouse. All I really need is the computer portion of it.... but before I can get it, I need to clean my room, which, by the way, I have already started working on. Big shock! My room is approximately 1/4 done. Be proud.

Tonight, Stacy and I went to the fashion show at the Art Institute. I brought flowers to give to Keith for all his hard work. It was a good show, lots of cool, fun designs. Went to the Roxy afterwards, then came home. Thought I might go to Devon's for a bit, but I was distracted by the new computer. Maybe tomorrow night... if not then, then definately Monday night because I don't have to work on Tuesday and I can stay the whole night. Good times. Anyways, I think that's it. More later.
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