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08 July 2004 @ 06:18 pm
at the end of the world, I suddenly feel alive  
I loved the Tiger Army cd I bought the other day (III: Ghost Tigers Rise) so much that I went and bought another one (II: Power of Moonlite). They have already gained a spot on my favorites list. Other new cd's include Apathy Season, which I ordered online just over a week ago. It's really good and I think everyone should go order it in support of my LJ buddy alexyerks (this is where I wish I had my semagic client to do easy linking...). Check out the cd at this address: http://www.smartpunk.com/index.php?mainFrame=http://www.smartpunk.com/product.php?&item_id=11968&affiliateid=9

What else is new? ummmmmm Not a whole lot. Stayed the night at Devon's last night... gonna see Kill Bill 2 tonight at Kiggins with Stacy and Tony (and Josh if he gets the money). Tomorrow is Josh's birthday. He'll finally be 20. I told him I would take him to Hooters and get him something to eat. Afterwards we might go and get drunk with our good friend Jack Daniels. Yum. Anways! I think dinner is ready so I'm gonna Jett like Joan. Ciao!
I'm feeling...: bouncybouncy
I'm rocking out to...: Tiger Army "Valley of Dreams"