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15 August 2004 @ 03:26 pm
Have you had the new Baja Blast mt dew? mmmmyuuummmm  
Holy shit man, I just woke up like 10 minutes ago. I've never slept this long after a freight shift before. And I still feel really tired. Jon's bed is so comfortable. Freight wasn't bad. I like working when the store isn't open because you don't have to deal with people, but I hate getting up so freaking early.

Anyways, went to the fair yesterday. It was fun, but I noticed that the fair seems to be getting smaller and smaller ever year. Had to spend $25 for the freaking ride bracelet too. The first half of the day was with Stacy and Tony. We walked around looking at everything and riding some rides in between. Sat down for the start of the hypnotist then Jon finally called saying he was walking towards the gate, so I walked down to meet him. We left Stacy and Tony with the hypnotist and went a few rides together then came back. Then the four of us went on some rides until Stacy and Tony started to not feel so good. They sat on a bench somewhere while Jon and I continued riding rides. Until we left at 10 to go to Taco Bell (those crunchwraps are soooo good!)

Some awesome highlights of the day:
Subway before the fair. yumm.
Going on the zipper with Stacy. It's tradition.
Being at the fair with Jon (the first time I've ever gone to the fair with any of my boyfriends).
Making out upside down on one of the rides.
Getting off the Zipper to hear that Tony had unhooked Stacy's bra. haha slick.
Making out on the big ferris wheel and being told to get a room by the riders behind us.
Beautiful sunset as seen from the top of the Zipper as it was being loaded. So romantic.

I have a bug bite on my elbow. It sucks. I think I'll gather my things and start heading towards home.... and I hope that one auto parts store is open today so I can buy my brake pads. I need to call Alex and find out when he gets back from Fiero Fest. The $40 he owes me is being paid in car repair. Good times. Ciao!
I'm feeling...: still tired!!!!
I'm rocking out to...: I can hear someone's really loud bass pulsing outside....
brian_o on August 15th, 2004 04:06 pm (UTC)
.... bass ....
Heather Joneszerocoolphreak on August 15th, 2004 06:44 pm (UTC)
oops haha I didn't even realize I misspelled it.... that'll teach me to not look at what I'm typing...
anaverinanaverin on August 15th, 2004 10:06 pm (UTC)
i miss u guys