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10 March 2005 @ 02:44 pm
Last night Chris called me. The last time we hung out, I gave him advice about a girl that he liked. He basically had made out with her... wanted it to go somewhere, but wasnt sure what she was thinking or how to ask her... so I gave him advice. And it worked! He did what I told him to do and it worked. I think that is so cool. HE just wanted to call me last night to let me know, cause he knew I'd be wondering.

Math class lasted about 5 minutes today. It was neat. So I came home to chill before work (and because I forgot to grab a bra when I grabbed all my work clothes... I'm wearing a halter top). Man, the weather this week has just been so beautiful. It's already so warm outside... I dont' want it to get hotter... summer is going to be insane. But, I gotta change for work. Ciao.