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24 March 2005 @ 02:57 pm
I get my dinner from a garbage can  
Oh wow holy cow! Heather has a story to tell today. Yesterday, I hung out with Alex and Nathan and they went with me to the outlets in Troutdale. Good times were had, and I found a new Awesome Arm (I actually bought two of them) and some spiffy new earrings. Then we swung by Omsi to pick up Brendaand go to Sweet Tomatoes. More good times were had, and I made another super-freaking-spiftacular ice cream cone... then we all went to Camus... Alex and Brenda fell asleep in the back of my car on the way and moves were made by Nathan... hmmm to make a long story short, Nathan's a pretty cool cat, we have a lot in common... a lot... and we were making out by the end of the day. I think Heather found a new toy. :-)

So, jury duty was today... got up nice and early for it... it was so freaking boring!!! I think I fell asleep a couple of times. I didn't even have the concentration to read until at least 10 am (after I zonked out in the chair), even then it was hard. They called for a group of 28 people to go upstairs to possibly be on a jury, and there was another Heather there, so they said Heather and I thought "oh shit!" but then they said a different last name. Damn, that was a close one... And luckily, they let the rest of us all go home at 11. Since it was early still, I walked up to Diamond Dogs to browse and bought a cute pair of Mary Janes (original price: $58, my price: $31). Been chillin' at home since then. Later on, Alex is supposed to call me when him, Brenda and Nathan get back from the beach. Nicole wants me to come party with her and a bunch of guys from out of town... I think I normally would have, but after last night's events, I think there's someone else I'd rather hang with than a bunch of strange guys.

Anyways! I need to run over and get my mail at my Oma's, then come back home and take a shower, trim the bangs.... little things and whatnot. Ciao!
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