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07 April 2005 @ 06:26 pm
I had this really awesome AIM conversation between me and Stacy that I wanted to post, but I totally blanked out and closed the damn IM. It was so funny too! Here's what it sorta looked like:

Heather: Nathan picked a flower for me
Stacy: TLDM has flowers?
Stacy: or was it a mushroom?
Heather: no he picked it somewhere else.
Stacy: hehe get it, mushroom
Heather: hahahahahhahaha mushroom
Stacy: basement, mushroom...
Heather: mario
Stacy: I'm not that much of a nerd
Heather: I am

Anyways, I thought it was hilarous.

I got dressed up all cute today. I look awesome. heehee :-P But seriously, I put together an awesome outfit. Lots of black, my bullet belt, cool boombox graphic printed on shirt. I even put on makeup and did my hair in pigtails today. Yay me! haha. And it sounds like I'll be seeing Sin City again tonight with Nathan and Steve. In other news, I bought some super glue to fix my phone with and some film for my camera... now where is my camera....?