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09 April 2005 @ 01:22 am
bless my soul brother, you did it! You climbed Mt. Everest!  
Today was a good day. My day's are always good when I hang out with Nathan. It doesn't even matter so much that I missed my classes again. Somehow I turned my alarm completely off. It didn't come on at all... but it was still on around 6 or 7 am when my mom woke me up to ask me a question. Actually, she asked me if my alarm was on and I mumbled that it was then said something about how I forgot to use my sleep-timer on my tv, and it was still on... then I woke up later at 10 something, and cursed at myself for sleeping late again. Then the thought that my next class wasn't until 12 had me laying back down and dozing for another half hour. Got up, showered... I would have had plenty of time if I hadn't spent extra time on my hair and makeup. Yes, makeup two days in a row, go me. yeah, so I left way too late to make it to that class too. I'm a dumbass. Chilled at clark until Nathan called me then swung by his place. The rest of the day was really good. I took him out to Mio Sushi in NW Portland, went to Music Millenium and bought the new Hot Hot Heat cd, then we cruised over to Hawthorne to the CD/Game Exchange where I bought an STP cd... or actually, Nathan bought it for me. I dropped him off back at home after that cause I had to go see a movie with my mom tonight. We went and saw The Pacifier. It was funny, a good light-hearted movie. Quite the change for Vin Diesel. I've been online since I got home. I'm tired though, so I think I'll be going now...
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