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18 April 2005 @ 02:08 pm
I really like doing surveys right now for some reason.... more people post surveys for me!!!!  
01. Last Kiss: today
02. Last Fuck: last night
03. Last Cry: december/january... asshole...
04. Last Library Book Checked Out: I usually just go and buy books at Powell's
05. Last Movie Seen In a Theatre: either Sin City or the Pacifier
06. Last Book Read: I haven't completed a book in a long time. I am currently reading Party Monster, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Hitchiker's guide, Mansfield Park... are they any others I've started and not finished yet?
07. Last Cuss Word Uttered: fuck
08. Last Beverage Drank: got my Jolt sitting right next to me.
09. Last Food Consumed: Bagel and cream cheese from Hannah Hall
11. Last TV Show Watched: something on VH1
12. Last Time Showered: yesterday morning
13. Last Shoes Worn: my vans, which I happen to wear pretty much every day
14. Last CD Played: The Living End
15. Last Soda Drank: jolt you dumbasses
16. Last Thing Written: dumbasses
17. Last Words Spoken: fuck
18. Last Sleep: I got four hours of sleep last night. Jolt will help me through the day, yes? I already had a double-shot mocha too... goddamn I'm tired.
21. Last Ice Cream Eaten: I had some of Nathan's strawberry/banana shake last night
22. Last Time Wanting to Die: n/a
24. Last Time Dancing: like, actually gone dancing? or does the random dance in the car count? actual dancing though... I went to a club when Liz was visiting from California.
26. Last Big Car Ride: define big car ride. I don't know, I drove to Wilsonville on Friday, then St. Helens on Saturday, then back to vancouver....
27. Last Crush: uh, nathan I guess... though, was there really time to do the "crush" thing since we started dating all super-fast style?
28. Last Annoyance: that girl at the table... Theresa... man, she irritates the fuck out of me.
29. Last Disappointment: that time when the prize was missing from my cereal box... not sure if it was the last, but it was first I could remember. I think I posted about it in here, too.
30. Last Time Scolded: uuuuuhhhhhh.....
32. Last Web Site Visited: duh, livejournal you fuckers

01. piercings = only my ears
02. tattoos = not yet...
03. height = about 5'3"
04. shoe size = 7
05. hair color = dark brown naturally... kinda red now
06. siblings = 2

01. movie you rented = too long ago
02. movie you bought = bloody hell, you expect me to remember?
03. song you listened to = The Living End... can't remember which one now
04. song that was stuck in your head = why do you keep asking me shit I can't remember?
05. cd you bought = I think it was Goldfinger... no wait, it was Hot Hot Heat
06. person you've called = my dad I think
07. person that's called you = Alex... at 8 am this morning!!!!
09. person you were thinking of = Alex, because of the last question...
10. friend you made = ummmmm

01. What would you do if you were dying?: spit blood on the people I don't like
02. Who is your best friend: Stacy, Keith, Josh...
03. Current want: sleep!
04. Current happiness: Nathan
05. Current Sadness: no sleep!
06. Current outfit: new orleans shirt, hoodie, jeans, vans
07. Current hunger: sleep!

01. you have a crush on some one? I'm dating someone
02. you wish you could live somewhere else? not in my parent's house
03. you think about suicide? nada
04. you believe in online dating? not for me, works for some people though
05. others find you attractive? I have been told so
06. you want more piercings? yes, but I don't like pain, and work prevents me
07. you drink? mmmmm yuummmm vanilla rum! hahaha that rhymes!
08. you do drugs? nada
09. you smoke? not anymore
10. you like cleaning? ha! surely you jest!
11. you like roller coasters? damn right
12. you write in cursive or print? I don't remember how to write in cursive... plus, mine looks so shitty
13. Are you sexually active? yes
I'm feeling...: so fucking tired!