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11 May 2005 @ 04:43 pm
Sooooo.... it's been awhile since I updated... what have I been doing? Well, I think I left off with going to hang out with Brenda and Steve... we went to Voodoo Doughnuts and feasted. I got this one called Mango Tango... soooo yummy! And the sucker weighed at least 5 pounds. It was heavy. We then went to the Roxy for more feastage. That takes care of that day...

Blah blah blah... Friday half sucked. I told my mom that I would let her use my discount at Freddies and it sounded like we would go when she got home from work... nope. I get home, ready to go and do that then leave to go with Nathan to Wilsonville, and she says she wants to wait until after dinner is done and she has eaten. An hour later, she's finally ready to go... we get to Freddy's and they don't even have what she wants, so the trip was for nothing. Goddamn I was irritated. So irritated that when some lady almost slammed into the side of my car on SR500, I sped up to at least 90 and got pulled over as I was slowing down. He clocked me at 72 and gave me a $122 speeding ticket. Yay for me... *sarcasm* My day had turned to shit as soon as I left Nathan's... but it got better as soon as I got back to Nathan's. I almost cried too... it was horrible. Moral of the story? Have Nathan with you at all times. Or maybe, don't go 90 in a spot on 500 where you know they like to patrol. Dumb bitch...

Yeah, so I drove Nathan and Stu to Wilsonville for Star Wars gaming. Marlo had me play a couple of npc's. It was fun! Nathan and I played a married couple like the Crocodile Hunter and his wife... it was so funny! If there were ever any doubts concerning my nerdiness... there aren't any now.

Saturday, I was supposed to usher for the play at Clark... but I decided to see Henry V at Mt Hood CC instead. Really, why would I pass up Henry V to see a play I know nothing about at Clark? The play was really good, too. I still have to see the one at clark so I can write my paper for theatre appreciation.... maybe Friday night or something... anyone wanna go with me?

I don't remember Sunday... except working...

Wait! Back to Saturday for a minute... As Nathan and I are driving back to Vancouver, we try getting a hold of Alex or Brenda or somebody... so we call Brenda's cell phone and it randomly becomes a payphone outside of Clark. Gretta answered it and we chatted with her for some time, then decided to go to Clark. Derick and Andrew were there too. After chatting and convincing, Dereck and Gretta come with me and Nathan to his place to consume the rest of the beer that was in my car. It was a lot of fun. We watched the porn that Nathan has on his computer and played truth or dare. Rock the Casbah.

Ok.... Monday? Ummm..... school, Nathan... things like that.

Yesterday! Getting caught up now... I got called in to work cause Dayz was sick, so I dropped Nathan off at Stu's for band practice, went to work, then came back for him afterwards. They were still playing so I went in and watched and took some pictures on my camera phone (did I tell everyone that I got a new cell phone?). Uploaded them at my house then took Nathan home. This morning I tried to leave my house early to get Tiger Army tickets for tonight, but various complications said no. so after my class, I drove back by my house to buy the tickets before my next class. Had a lab test today... I think I did pretty good. We'll see... Nicole showed up at Clark and Nathan was nowhere to be found, so I went with her to Chicago Steamer and she showed me where her new apartment is. Now I'm chillin here... I wonder if Nathan made it to his drawing class? I think he slept through his first one... cause he definately wasn't here. Eh, I'm off now back to Hannah or something. Ciao!
I'm feeling...: need to take shower!
pixiepancake on May 12th, 2005 12:05 am (UTC)
aha! Livejournal Fame is MINE!!!!!!!



p.s. i have a new lj. and this is it.
Heather Jones: juicy juice! yum...zerocoolphreak on May 14th, 2005 11:56 pm (UTC)
Sweetness! Yeah, I noticed it was deleted when I went to find it to add you as a friend...
pixiepancake on May 12th, 2005 12:13 am (UTC)
with whom/where do you play in wilsonville? i know some people in wilsonville. weird.
Heather Joneszerocoolphreak on May 14th, 2005 11:57 pm (UTC)
Nathan plays with Dan and Marlo (dan is the drummer in his band) and a few other people. I usually tag along and watch.