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16 May 2005 @ 11:52 am
Sometimes, I get so tired of coming to Clark everyday... other days, it's not so bad. Mondays though... they're kinda lame because I have two hours to kill and usually nothing worthwhile to kill them with. I played Tetris on my phone for a half hour or so... got up to level 10 before it kicked my ass. I find Bomberman and Ms. Pacman harder to play on my phone... The day usually gets better after Nathan shows up... but he probably won't be here until closer to 1 or something. la di da.... as much as I just want to done with Clark and never come back, it's also like an infinate abyss and I can't stop coming back over and over again... it won't let me leave... what the hell am I doing here anyways? I don't have the motivation to be a good student. I never do homework, I never study... my grades are moderate at best... I know I coul do better if I put forth the effort, but even though I really want to, I just can't. I need motivation! And nothing ever motivates me enough... gah, random thoughts... boredom... I'm really hungry too. I need to stop with the eating of bad-for-me foods before I gain 50 pounds. I need someone to show up and keep my company now. I get so tired of talking to some of the people in Hannah... and extremely tired and them always playing Magic. Seriously people, don't let a card game rule your life! All the people I used to really enjoy talking to have slowly been fading away. Nicole isn't here this quarter, Satan is gone, I rarely talk to Kevin now.... I'm gonna stop typing though and go get something to eat and head back to Hannah. Treena should be showing up there pretty soon, that'll give me something to do.

I just feel odd... and I don't know why.
I'm feeling...: indescribableindescribable
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