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12 November 2005 @ 12:48 am
When I saw Nathan last night, it seemed like things were ok... neither of us even mentioned the fight, we seemed to get along normally... but now that he has read my comments and stuff, I think we're in a backlash. It may or may not be why he didn't call me tonight. Whatever. I know now that I can never have another conversation with him about my class or anything I have learned...no more adult conversations... no more intelligent conversations because I am obviously not intelligent (or at least that's what Nathan seems to think). And all that shit he spits out about him being a pacifist is bull. He is such a hypocrit. A pacifist would not be calling me a bitch or saying fuck you (regardless of who said it first). A pacifist wouldn't yell at somebody either. Being a pacifist requires that you do more than just not physically hurt people.

I'm so tired of this bullshit. So fucking tired.
I'm feeling...: annoyedannoyed
Nathannatetheoriginal on November 12th, 2005 10:37 am (UTC)
Yeah I admit I called you a bitch. Because you were being one. And you still are, by thinking you can subvert me by telling me how I betrayed my own beliefs. Like you have the right to generalize what a pacifist is, when you fucking hit me.

But you keep on insisting that I called you dumb and insulted your intelligence. I never meant that to say that you are dumb. I think your opinion is misguided. I think you have a very short temper, and are an emotional person.

But I don't think you're dumb. If you want to stay mad because you think I called you stupid or insulted your intelligence than by all means stay mad, but that was never my intention.

I just don't understand some of your opinions, they don't make sense to me. And that's not necessarily a bad thing. That just means we have a difference of opinion, or I am just too close-minded to understand them.

Wow, look I admitted I could be close minded, and that’s might be part of the problem.

I'm just curious if all the things you say are true about women being oppressed to the degree they are, and how horrible it is. Than what do you intend on doing about it? How do you plan to make the world better?
anaverinanaverin on November 13th, 2005 03:23 am (UTC)
I really think you both insulted each other inteligence and need to apoligize and get over it. If nether of you can apoligize, then just get over it, i serously doubt ether of you really believe the other one thinks you are stupid.

Sometimes, one person has no hope of talking to anouther person about a perticular topic, because of who the poeple are and their beliefs. However these same people get along great other times, and with other topics can thrive. Basicly maybe this is ONE of those topics that you guys can't. Other "adult converstaions" will not nessarly be affect by your inabillity to agree on one. The only real childish conversation is the one where you guys argue about a topic such as this and don't give it up when it is futile. No one will get along with anyone else 100% of the time.

I hope that helps? if not, don't come after me, i love you both.