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11 March 2006 @ 12:44 am
bloody snot is annoying  
So... something else is wrong with my car now... very possibly the spark plug wires need to be replaced from what Alex told me over the phone. That isn't too bad, I know those are a lot easier than some other things. It would suck if it was the spark plugs, cause those are so hard to get to. My dad had a hell of a time changing them a couple years ago....

Anyways! I just got this message on MySpace from one of my good friends that I had in elementary school in St. Helens. You really can find just about anybody on there I guess. I haven't seen or talked to her for at least 9 years. I kept in touch for a short time after I moved and saw her a few times when I was down visiting my dad, but I lost touch with her after she moved out of St. Helens. It's really cool to come across someone I used to know... I wish I do that more often actually. I wonder sometimes where everyone ended up...

Ok, new subject! I actually did stuff today! Yup, I left the house. I went to Fred Meyer and got my paycheck and did some shopping. I had my iPod with me, which makes shopping even better. I bought a red tea kettle, a couple of really cute candle dish thingies, one of nalgene-style water bottles that isn't gigantic (it's only 18 oz... I've been looking for a good smaller sized one of those...) and it's one of the Breast Cancer ones so I donated by buying it. I also got a couple cute pairs of underwear. Then I ventured to Wild Oats cause I haven't been there in a while. I bought a lot of littles juices and some pesto hummus, chips, guacamole and soy pudding to try. The pudding is yummy I had one when I got home tonight. Mmmm soy chocolate.... And then! I went to Target and ended up buying Just Friends on dvd and a Tab energy drink. Yes, a Tab energy drink! I was walking past it and I couldn't help but let my curiosity get the better of me. I liked Tab when I tried it, so this might be good too. Today turned out pretty good.

So after shopping I came home and chilled and starting watching the finales of Stargate and whatnot until I left to go to Applebees with Nathan, Alex and Brenda. Alex put my new headlight bulb in for me so now I have two headlights again and then my car went schizo on me when I started it up to leave Applebees, resulting in me getting worried and calling Alex. I already told the rest of that story in the beginning of this entry. I would have stayed and hung out with Nathan longer, but with this recent malfunctioning I just wanted to get my car to my house just in case. I'll probably be going to Nathan F's house tomorrow for Alex to take a look.

Two weeks from now I will be having dinner at the Reinlander. I'm excited! Also two weeks from now is mine and Nathan's one year anniversary. I think that maybe we should stay a night in a hotel or something... but that's all I've thought that we could do so far. I wonder what Nathan thinks?
I'm feeling...: goodgood
Nathan: sunglassesnatetheoriginal on March 11th, 2006 09:18 am (UTC)
Anything that involves sex is good.
kungfunate on March 11th, 2006 07:29 pm (UTC)

Did you guys have a good time at Applebee's? Bring your car on over, as if I don't have enough of them here! =)