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05 May 2006 @ 02:39 pm
I would love to go out and get drunk for cinco de mayo.... but I have to work at 6 am tomorrow. Maybe I'll go into Portland and see what's up right now and just come home really early.... ummm after I do laundry.

Last night Nathan and I saw The Notorious Bettie Page at Cinema 21. It was good. Most of it was in black and white, but whenever she went to Miami it was in color. Some of the transitioning scenes were actually footage from way back when. I'd tell you to go see it, but it isn't playing there anymore.

I'm getting my hair cut on Tuesday. Cutting it all off again... I'm tired of long hair, you can't do anything exciting with it. Anyways, my laptop battery is going to die and I'm too lazy to plug it in.....