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19 May 2006 @ 11:33 am
Oh man, the Bif Naked show was so awesome. The opening bands were really good and they'll be at warped tour so we'll see them again... and Bif, that was so awesome! There were times when it was hard to hear her singing (probably because we were standing right next to the bass and drum stuff...) but it was still great. She told a lot of stories in between the songs which was really cool. It was just so great to finally see her live after all these years.

Anyways! The day in Seattle was really fun too. We went to the Jones Soda factory and got free calendars and soda. The guy inside was really nice... he said he'd give us a tour any normal day, but he was really busy getting things together for a meeting thing... We took pictures so I'll post them later. After that we stopped by the space needle and walked around. It was $15 to go up so we didn't... and we almost went in to the Science Fiction Museum, but they said they didn't have any Stargate stuff so we passed. I would like to go through there one of these days though... maybe with more people. Then we wandered through Pike St Market right before they closed up. We still had 3 hours to kill before they started letting people in to the show, so we just wandered around downtown Seattle, found some yummy food... we went back to my car for a short time and got yelled at by a bum. We were just standing by my car hugging and she yells out "You know that's illegal to do in public." How is hugging someone illegal? Seriously! Nathan told her she should call the cops or something. Man, that lady pissed me off... Right as we were about to cross the street and head out again I turned and said "Just because you can't any..." and we walked away. What a dumb fucking bitch. Anyways, we didn't do too much else, got coffee and chilled then went to the show. We decided to stop at a hotel for the night and had some good hotel sex.

So, seattle was fun... I gotta go take a shower before work now though...
I'm feeling...: goodgood
Stuartstuart_knight on May 22nd, 2006 05:30 pm (UTC)
you just have to appreciate hobos for what they are. funny nonsensible beings wondering the streets and probably intoxicated in one form or another. ;)