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20 May 2006 @ 11:00 am
So, my birthday is this coming wednesday... I don't know what I'm doing yet. That's the only day I have off until Saturday I think. So whatever I don't do Wednesday, I'll do on Saturday. So let's start the bidding for my birthday time.... who wants to throw me a party?

In other news, I'm tired of working... and I'm supposed to close tonight and then open tomorrow at 6 am. So basically I get to come home and go straight to bed. No matter what, I will leave work no later than 8:30 tonight... maybe I'll ask the PIC if I could leave a little earlier since I have to be there so early tomorrow... who knows.

I need to move out... because when I move out, I can spend the night with Nathan all the time. If I was going to be working full time all the time I could move out now, but once Dayz comes back, my hours will go down again. I could probably still swing it at 32 hours a week, but I might not even get that much, even though I totally should because Holly is a worthless piece of crap employee that can't do anything. I should talk to Donna about my hours... tell her that I plan on getting an apartment and will need no less than 32 (maybe 30 on occasion) hours to be able to do that. I think the end of the summer is a good goal to set... that gives me time to buy all the little things I will need. And if things keep going really good with Nathan like they have been (and i think they will), that would be a good amount of time to wait to get an apartment together. Anyways, I'm gonna go now....
I'm feeling...: anxiousanxious
randall_d on May 21st, 2006 05:53 am (UTC)
happy birthday!!!
Stacymeebeeleevcu on May 22nd, 2006 04:45 am (UTC)
The Kiggins is playing some movies i want to see. How about a girls night out? I don't know how long they will be there but movies are usually there for two weeks!
Heather Joneszerocoolphreak on May 22nd, 2006 07:34 am (UTC)
maybe tomorrow (monday) night? I work Tuesday night and I don't know what's happening wednesday night yet....