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25 May 2006 @ 12:38 am
So today was really good. I looked pretty hot today too. :-) Nathan and I went to the mall because I wanted to buy some MAC eyeliner. We wandered some and I bought a couple shirts at hot topic... we chatted with Mike for a bit and showed him our pictures of the Jones Soda factory. We also made a stop at Party City and got costume accessories for the party saturday night, and some liquor... ran into Tiffany too. Sounds like she's been dealing with a lot of shit since her dad died... I don't know the details, but she had to get a lawyer to deal with her stepmom. Anyways... We went to Sweet Tomatoes after that. Alex, Nathan F. and Emily met us there. Good times. I love Sweet Tomatoes... so good... oh I forgot! Nathan bought Social D tickets for us as part of my birthday present! Pretty sweet, huh? He also got me this 12 dvd, 50 movie set of classic horror movies... I've got a lot of movies to watch! Today was really good. Happy birthday indeed. And on saturday I'm gonna hang out with Stacy and Keith and then party. I really hope I get sunday off work, because that would make partying so much easier... I won't see the schedule until tomorrow... if I do work, I hope it's a closing shift at least. But I want the day off because I might go visit my dad or something. Well then... I'm gonna head off to bed or something. Gotta work tomorrow...
I'm feeling...: happyhappy
kungfunate on May 25th, 2006 03:40 pm (UTC)
I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your birthday. I wanted to do something with you guys after Sweet Tomatoes but sheesh I was dead tired and in a not so fun mood because of it. We'll have a blast on Saturday!