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06 June 2006 @ 11:29 pm
Day off tomorrow. Yay! After 8 days of working I can relax. I scored an extra day off this week and next weekend I'll be taking vacation time. I so need this... anyways!

So what have I been up to... the Presidents show was really good. We missed the first band, but Stacy said they sucked hard and the audience booed them so I don't mind. Nathan and I went and saw the Nekromantix the next night. His brother Joel came with us too. That was a decent show. The hardcore-ness of it was a little too extreme for such a small venue though. At a larger venue you can at least stand further back from the pit... but at this place, the whole room was a pit. The Nekromantix were good, the opening band The Chop Tops were good, but the 2nd band Shark Soup was just ok. They had some good songs, but most of their set just wasn't my kind of punk or something... I haven't done much since then. Did a little shopping yesterday after work and spent a little birthday money. I bought a super rad face plate thingy for my cell phone. Zebra print. yup, exciting...

I think I am buying a printer tomorrow. I need to clean off my desk so I have a place to put it... even though there are no plugins over there at all. Other than that I have no specific plans (except spend time with Nathan, but we have no plans...) so if anyone wants to do something, just give me a call.

oh yeah, and JOIN MY COMMUNITY!!! mixed_up_sounds
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