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12 June 2006 @ 11:49 pm
note to self: don't try Come on Eileen at karaoke ever again unless it's Save Ferris  
Oh man... last night was a lot of fun. I am so glad that Jen is here! Her and Nathan got along very well and I'm happy for that. I knew that they would. Last night was like a big "We love Heather" party. heehee. Even though I had less than 5 hours of sleep and had been up since 6 am, I somehow stayed up until 3 am. We had dinner at the Roxy, browsed at Powell's... decided we will all be getting a tattoo on Thursday... then had tons of fun at the Galaxy singing karaoke. Jen was really drunk and really surprised this guy when she walked up and started singing to him. I kicked ass with 4 Non Blondes. Nathan said that I was a teddy bear and this group sitting near us yelled out "Nathan and Heather rock it together" at one point. This one lady was visiting from New Jersey and sang RHCP "Give it Away" and did a really good job and there was a huge group of people there picking random songs for each other so more than half the people that sang didn't even know what they were singing. And there was some girl there with the nastiest looking boobs.... it's like she had no boobs, yet they were somehow extremely saggy. ewww.

Ok, that's enough highlights... did I mention we are all getting tattoos on thursday? anyone have any suggestions on where we should go?

So... today was pretty shitty even though last night was super rad. I was angry all day and I really want a different job.... they're forcing us to take hour lunches now. Like seriously forcing us... we get written up if we don't. And, Donna doesn't even write our schedule anymore... I lost one of my vacation days in the process, so I will only get 5 days off instead of 6. 5 days is better than nothing though. I was so angry about everything today that I wanted to cry. I guess it's a federal law that we get hour lunches, but it should still be my choice. My mom doesn't even get to take hour lunches and she has a government job! grrr. So I'm gonna start going to work at 12 so I can still be done by 9... I guess I'll just come home and get on the internet or watch tv everyday for an hour. It really sucks because there are no loopholes whatsoever... like I can't be sneaky and only take 45 minutes or whatever. This really sucks... I know I'll adjust, but right now I hate it.
I'm feeling...: aggravatedaggravated