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22 June 2006 @ 11:00 pm
I am not a morning person  
Well shit, it's already past my bedtime... I have to be at work at 7 tomorrow. Lame! You know what else is lame? I only got 24 hours next week at work. And, there are 3 different versions of the schedule and I'm not quite sure which one to use... and they scheduled us until 10 pm! I call bullshit. I refuse to work past 9 unless there are special circumstances like a big walk through the next morning. First they take away an extra half hour of my day, then they take away my nights! All the changes and bullshit at work lately have got me seriously aching for a different job. I hate Fred Meyer! I can't stand working there anymore because all they do is suck the life out of me... succubus (how do you spell that...?) So, are there any good jobs out there where I can get no less than 32 hours a week, $11.20 an hour or more and benefits? I need a new job now!!!!

Now that I'm done bitching... Lunch was good today. I met Nathan for sushi at that sushi place by GI Joes. It was good to see him today even if it was for only 45 minutes... it is so hard to go back to work after an hour lunch. :-( But I do like the freedom to do whatever I want on my lunch because I have extra time. :-) I bought the new Buckcherry cd after work... haven't listened to it yet though. Doing something with Nathan after work tomorrow... don't know what, maybe watch a movie or something.

I have to go to bed! I know I won't sleep until much later, but I have to at least try...
I'm feeling...: aggravatedhate fred meyer
Cin-D Lou: Keith and Cindi_princess_bob_ on June 23rd, 2006 10:56 am (UTC)
U totally should go!
With joyful hearts we ask you to be present
at the ceremony uniting
Cynthia Katie Kunkle
Keith Julius Schnelle
Thursday the Twenty-Ninth Day of June
this year Two-Thousand and Six
at Twelve oclock Noon
in Hazel Dell Park, Vancouver, Washington.
Reception potluck to follow.

This is an open invitation wedding.
If you know somebody who did not receive an invite,
but should have,
please pass on the information contained herein.


The reception is to be a potluck.
Please RSVP with the food/drink you are bringing.
Note: any item contaminated by onions, onion powder,
green onions, chives, shallots, or scallions will not
be allowed. The bride is violently allergic, please
read ingredients labels.
Barbecue grills should be available for use.
As it is a public park, please observe the laws
against alcoholic beverages and leave them at home.

Hazel Dell Park contains a small playground. Parents
are encouraged to let their children play during the
While the couple would appreciate formal, or
semi-formal, attire among the guests, due to the
playground and the summer heat, formal dress is

The couple is registered on Amazon.com

Directions from I-5:
Take Exit 3
Go north on Highway 99
Go east on NE 68th Street
End at: 2300 NE 68th St
Vancouver, WA 98665

For more information, visit our Yahoo! Group:


This group contains information and links you may find

PS: If you need a ride, please post to the Yahoo! Group.

theeinherjar on June 24th, 2006 04:30 am (UTC)
One its called sushi world and two yeah doesn't working for fred meyers suck *smirking*