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28 June 2006 @ 01:32 am
Word of the day: Vagina  
Goddamn hotmail won't let me sign in to check my mail.... blarg.

Today was both extremely horrible and very good. I went in to work today even though I had the day off. Everyone on my department called in today leaving only me. On top of having to work on my day off, work was just shitty. Things breaking and spilling, and so much that needed to be done... After the lemonade fell and a had to mop up a mess of glass and juice, I had had enough. Luckily it was very close to when i said I would be leaving. Such a horrible start to the day... but it got better after I got home and showered and Jen showed up. Her new car is so nice! I wish I could get a new car... or at least a newer car than what I have now.

Anyways, there was a long chat with my parents about Korea and Air Force stuff, then I noticed how late it was getting and ran upstairs to burn cds to give to Skitch. We ended up being a little late to Blind Onion for Tony's birthday, but it all worked out. That was a lot of fun. Pizza and beer and laughs. Good times! Afterwards we drove aimlessly for awhile until talking to Alex and then met up with everyone at Applebees for more good times.

No matter what happens, I will not go in to work on any more of my days off this week. I need this break way too much. Gotta spend time with Jen! And maybe clean more of my room up. I made such a big dent in it on my vacation, I'd hate to see it get worse again... anyways, I've got cds to import.
I'm feeling...: draineddrained